"I’m bred from Scots and Germans, and I come from two long lineages of artists and strong-willed women. I was created with a rough water depth that isn’t for everyone. As much as I love the bright, soft, vibrant arts of women I admire, this is not what pours out of me. I have an unfaltering preference for a flower, being, landscape with evidence of its fight to survive in even the most wild elements. My work will consistently reflect creation’s endurance, be it within the figure or in the landscape. My sole intent is to showcase the beauty in this fight, a type of beauty that can only exist amongst unrelenting hope.

With life's propensity to identify threats, downsides, and obstacles the need to reestablish equilibrium within our nervous system has become evident. I believe hand created art is a noble pursuit and one of the limited number of paths back to stillness, peace, if only while you visit with it. A refuge. I pray you find that refuge here."

A mother of 5, Susannah lives in Sewickley, Pennsylvania with her husband and children, constantly shifting to find balance between motherhood and art; each a great love of her life.